Welcome to Geography Superstars!


The Fern Bluff Elementary PTA is proud to offer a fun enrichment opportunity to all students! Geography Superstars is a fun program designed to enhance your child's geography experience/skills, including small incentives for working on these extra geography problems at home!

First, please register your child using the link below.  Then, print out the worksheets at home and have your child complete one each week by the due date.  Worksheets for the grades are posted by grade level. The program will run October through February with the first worksheet due on October 11, 2019. 


Students are responsible for turning their worksheets into the Geography Superstars box on the PTA bulletin board by Friday each week. Worksheets will be graded by volunteers from the PTA and returned to students in their Tuesday Folders.

Each grade level is associated with a continent:


Kindergarten    North America

First                    South America

Second              Europe

Third                  Asia

Fourth               Africa

Fifth                   Australia

Volunteer Help Needed!

Geography Superstars Coordinator - Julie Gobert

Kindergarten Grader

First Grade Grader

Second Grade Grader

Third Grade Grader

Fourth Grade Grader

Fifth Grade Grader

We would love to have two graders per grade level. Please consider volunteering your time and helping to grade the papers.  If you would like to help, please contact Julie Gobert for more information.

Tips for Success:


We will post student names to the website this year (first name, last initial), to help you track your progress. Each student will receive an incentive when they have completed the first half of the worksheets, and those who complete the entire program will also be recognized.

The spreadsheet to track student progress can be found here.  An X indicates the worksheet has been received and scored.  An I indicates the sheet was turned in, but is incomplete.  M indicates the sheet is missing.  Please remember the graders are volunteers and give the graders sufficient time to keep the spreadsheet updated.  

Your role as a parent is to encourage your child and facilitate problem solving. Allow time during the week for your child to think about each problem. You may need to read the problem to your child, explaining any words not known. Feel free to suggest a strategy for solving the problem, but please DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS. In order for this program to be effective, the thinking must be done by the students. Please encourage your child to show his/her work.

It is normal for a child NOT to be able to complete every problem on a worksheet. The process of reading, understanding and approaching the problems is a valuable step in solving many types of problems. Remind your child that he/she is not expected to know the answers to every problem.

For any questions, please contact the Geography Superstars PTA volunteers. Please do not contact your child's teacher for help with these worksheets. Thank you for allowing your child the opportunity to participate in this exciting new geography adventure!