Kindergarten (North America)


  • Please make sure your child's name and teacher's name are both written legibly on the pages.

  • Contact PTA Math Superstars volunteers for questions/help, NOT your child's teacher.

  • Incentives are provided for each student who participates as he/she completes 5 weeks and special recognition is given to students who complete the program.

  • Worksheets are due on the dates specified but will be accepted up to two weeks late.

  • Worksheets will not be accepted early.

  • Worksheets will only be accepted for your current grade level.

  • Worksheets are turned into the Geography Superstars box on the PTA bulletin board in the main hallway.

  • Graded/corrected worksheets will be returned in the Tuesday folders.

  • Download worksheets below.

  • There is NO TESTING in this program.